Bee Removal Miami

What You Need To Know About African Honey Bee Removal Miami

Bees play a vital role when it comes to helping flowering plants to reproduce. In most cases, bees do not pose a threat to humans. However, some of the bee species such as the “Killer” bees, or “Africanized” honey bees will become aggressive when they are disturbed or agitated. The venom from these stings in some cases can be very dangerous or deadly.

Finding Out WhetherYou Need African Honey Bee Removal Miami

The African honey bee is slightly smaller when compared to the European bees. They are distinguished by a golden-brown color, striped, bulbous tail sections, and a coating of thin fur over their bodies.

Contact Your Local Pest Control Company Or Bee Removal Miami Company

Bee removal services or pest control companies are commonly found in the phone book or online. A professional and reliable bee removal service can be costly. However, this is the safest and most effective way to deal with an infestation.

Eliminate The African Honey Bees Naturally Or With A Pesticide Spray

You need to make sure you are completely covered if you decide to deal with a bee issue. Make sure that every part of your body is covered to provide a layer of protection from stings.

Venom from the African honey bee is the same as other varieties of the honey bees, but this species is known for swarming in huge numbers. They are also more easily agitated or provoked.

How To Prevent A Future Infestation

If you have found the nest, it is important to remove the comb. Many of the African honey bees will make a nest in just about any enclosed space. They build fibrous networks inside the structure known as “combs” where they reproduce, live, and make honey.

Call A Professional To Remove The Comb

When the bees are posing an urgent threat, it is best to contact a professional African honey bee removal company to remove the comb. Make sure you watch where the bees have come from and where they return to. By tracking the movements of the bees, it becomes easier to locate the nest. It is also important to wash down the areas where you found the nest using a high-pressure sprayer or a garden hose. This will eliminate the smells that may attract a new swarm of bees.

Check your property for any containers, boxes, or buckets that are lying around where the bees may build their nests in. Many of the bees prefer building nests in dark, cool spaces, so also pay attention to other areas around your home such as garbage bins, your work shed, basement, garage, or any other covered area around your property. Fill in large gaps present in concrete walls or bricks to deter the bees from trying to nest there.

When you contact a professional bee removal service, the technicians that will arrive at your property will have the necessary training to deal with the African honey bees or any other type of bee or pest. Since every home or building is different, pest control technicians design a unique plan to deal with your situation.